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Writing; Rewritten

Escapade empowers the art of writing. In identifying writing as a separate process to editing, this revolutionary software enables an entirely new context for tools and shortcuts to better aid writers. For those that struggle with focusing on getting the words down, or have a million ideas that rattle around but never make it onto the formidable blank page, Escapade creates the first truly distraction-free writing environment that prioritizes writing over editing.

  • Simple but dynamic writing environment that subtly changes to match your speed
  • Practical keyboard and text shortcuts for enhanced typing
  • Output screen for retrieving and saving what you type
  • Gamified features:
    • Each session has a score. Compete against your top scores
    • Soon: Earn tokens to unlock features of the program
    • Statistics and typing feedback
  • Customizable workflow for tailored journey through program
  • Local backup system of all writing sessions
  • Available for Windows & Mac

Escapade through 2022

Each major update will see an increase in price to reflect the value of the software. Most 2022 updates will be available for free for purchase made at this time.

New Features:

  • Personal Highscore board, with additional stats.

Features coming soon:

  • Unlock further features of the program with faux in-game currency
  • Screenplay mode
  • Custom shortcuts
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Escapade - Write Now

Dynamic & distraction free writing environment
Highscores, unlockable features
made by Rion Brodie
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